Landscape Concerns Change With The Seasons

It’s nearly impossible in today’s age of technology to operate a business without a credible website.  The internet is the source that most people rely on when in need of a particular service or product but once they find what they’re looking for they will want to get an up close and personal impression.  Owners and property managers should make sure that the physical appearance of their commercial site is attractive throughout the seasons.

The landscape and hardscape of a commercial building or complex is the first thing a visitor to the site notices.  A luscious landscape filled with flowering shrubs and walkway borders is much easier to display in the spring and summer months.  Autumn brings a profusion of orange and yellow tree leaves along with the beauty of the mums and burning bushes that bloom in the fall.  Winter however, is a different story.

After the Christmas decorations are taken down and your landscape is covered by a blanket of snow there may not be much left to show off.  Winter is an opportune time however, to turn your attention to safety issues and hardscape maintenance.  

A dependable snow and ice removal service is essential to keeping conditions on the site clear and safe for both vehicle and pedestrian traffic so that business can carry on as usual no matter what the weather brings.  It is also important to use the right kind of chemical compounds in order to avoid damaging sidewalk and driveway surfaces.  All this is not to say that an evergreen wreath or garland here and there on the property can’t add to the ambiance of the season.

Decorative containers can hold the poinsettias or holly plants that are so popular in the wintertime.  Landscapers recommend using stone or metal urns or vases that are better able to withstand colder temperatures.

Co-Cal Landscape is the go to authority for your year round commercial landscaping needs in Denver.  Call 303-578-4788 today to consult with a Co-Cal professional.  

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