A Landscape Professional Can Help You Plan

If you’re the proud owner of a newly built home you’re next step will be to create a landscape design that will complement it. The foundation of any landscape plan is the lawn that sustains it. Your local landscape company can help you choose the type of grass that will work well to establish the results that you have visualized.

Before any grass seed is spread the area will need to be clean of debris that may have been left over from the construction of your new home. Then your landscape representative can take a sample of the soil to determine its makeup and what nutrients may need to be added to make it healthier.

A landscape crew will come in with the equipment needed to grade the site in order to allow proper drainage and eliminate the risk for standing water – either one of these situations could be harmful to the grass. Any areas of concern can be filled in or leveled off during this preparation stage.

Once the results of the soil test are in your landscaper will be ready to make the adjustments that may be necessary. If an underground watering system is included in the plans your landscaper will install it at this time.

Your landscaper will be able to measure your lawn space to determine how much seed to put down. When the grass seed has been sown it will be raked over and packed into the soil. Some mulching may be applied and daily watering will be supervised until the first seedlings start to sprout.

A lot of people are concerned with the chemical content of some of the fertilizers and pesticides that are often associated with lawn maintenance. If you are considering an alternative to traditional grasses your landscape headquarters will be able to offer other choices. Buffalo grass for instance, is famous for its easy care quality and its resistance to damage from drought.

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