Landscaping in Denver

A “sensory garden” is a new trend in Colorado landscaping ideas. It’s name explains the theme, as every plant in the garden will affect at least on of the human senses of sight sound, smell or touch.

This type of landscape is often used to frame a patio. With small grasses interspersed with herbs like basil, it can provide a low maintenance oasis just outside your backdoor. Pieces of hardscape can be incorporated – a birdbath, or solar powered cascade of bubbling water, would add to the peaceful atmosphere.

Certain groundcovers will grow and mesh together to form a mat that will serve as a natural weed controller. Ferns and small grasses that are native to the area will be low maintenance, and resistant to indigenous insects.

CoCal Landscape is used to dealing with the particulars for landscaping in Denver. They will know what kinds of plants and ornamental trees are best suited for your sensory garden.

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