Let CoCal Revitalize Your Landscape

Potential clients looking for office space in your business complex won’t get past your front door if the outdoor space is lackluster. There’s nothing less attractive than the look of dead or broken down trees and shrubs, no matter how impressive the architecture of the buildings may be. Fallen limbs or ragged branches can put employees and visitors to the property at possible risk for injury.

Spring is the perfect time to renew and add to a property’s landscape. Owners and managers who have made arrangements with a professional landscape service will be at an advantage when it comes to pre-planning and instigating a plan of action. To begin with an experienced maintenance crew will be dispatched to the property to get started on the initial task of spring cleaning. The team will collect and haul away any debris that could have been the leftover result of a heavy winter snowstorm and trim back or prune bushes and mature trees to help keep their shape. They will also check for cracks in the walkways or breakage in features of the hardscape on the property and record a work list for repairs.

It’s time to turn the water back on, but before you do make sure that the sprinkler heads and and spigots of your watering system are in good working order. A thorough inspection can avoid any waste of your water supply.

The grassy areas of a landscape can suffer from winter’s extremes. Your maintenance crew will check for any damage before they turn attention to weed control. Early spring, before weed growth has a chance to take hold, is the prime time to apply the preventatives that will keep the lawns free of those unsightly intruders.

Once the danger of a late frost is less than likely it’s time to plant the blooms that provide the color and vitality for any commercial landscape plan. The designers of CoCal Landscape in Denver work with clients to create a scheme for borders and flower beds that will enhance the overall “curb appeal” of the property. Call 303-531-6930 to speak with a representative today.

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