Let A Professional Design Your Landscape

Every commercial property owner or manager must know how to operate within a budget. Planning a yearly budget consists of assigning amounts of money to be be spent on each particular area of the ownership so that they all work together like a well oiled piece of machinery.

One of the most important assets of a commercial property is its aesthetic value. After all, the first thing a potential client sees is the architecture of the building or buildings in the complex and the landscape that surrounds them. Making room in the budget for the installation and maintenance of the most attractive landscape possible will be well worth any juggling of funds that it may take.

A professionally designed commercial landscape plan can be creative and affordable at the same time. An experienced designer knows that coordinating the landscape to complement the design of the constructions on the site is the best way to create a scheme of continuity.

Your landscaper will want to tour your business complex with you so that he can get a better feeling for the lay of the land and talk to you about how you visualize the landscape upon completion. He will focus first on drawing attention to the front of the main building on the site and may suggest flowering borders along the walkway and brightly colored low growing shrubs on each side of the doorway. This will not only create a stand out effect but will also indicate the way of entry to the first time visitor.

An apartment complex is often established around a particular theme with all the buildings following suit. A landscape architect can create a design that will fit in well with the general motif while adding an imaginative touch here and there.

Whether your landscape design is elaborate or more traditional it must be properly maintained in order to promote a good impression. A representative from CoCal Landscape in Denver can include a program for year round maintenance in the plan that he presents for your approval. Call 303-578-4788 to arrange a consult.

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