List Your Priorities

A commercial property manager wears a lot of hats. His responsibilities will vary according to the type of business he is concerned with, the size of the business site and the particulars involved in maintaining it. Whatever goes on inside the office buildings or however many tenants there are in the apartment complex the outside space of a commercial property will be the first thing that potential clients or people shopping for a new place to live will see and it will make a lasting impression. A property manager should make every effort to assure that it is a good one.

First up, find a well-established landscape company that has been in charge of similar commercial projects in the area. Look around, and when you see a landscape plan that you like find out who the contractor was. Then you can find the website, all reputable landscapers will have one, and find out more.

Safety issues are at the top of a list of priorities for a property manager and it should be one of the first things you ask about when hiring a landscape organization. Is the crew properly trained in the use of equipment? Have there been any recent injuries on the job? Those are the type of questions to pose to the representative of the company under consideration.

Maintenance concerns are also important. It’s one thing to have a beautifully designed landscape with color programs and focal points in just the right places but unless there is a maintenance program in place that grand design won’t last very long. When working out a plan for year-round grounds maintenance specific services should be addressed. If there is to be leaf raking in the fall and snow removal in the winter it should be noted in the terms of the contract before any signing on the dotted line takes place and there should also be room for changes as time goes by.

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