Make Your Landscape Part Of The Natural Environment

A “sustainable landscape” is one that the homeowner can easily maintain with the basic tools and materials that he has on hand. The designer of this kind of landscape will concentrate on using plants and shrubs that are natural to the habitat while conserving water and striving to create an animal friendly environment. The elements of the landscape that come from the nursery will require less fertilizer or pesticides.

Before any planting takes place a landscaper will observe the area after a rainfall to see where the water is standing and where it runs off. Then he will know where to put the plants that need the most water. Using a natural source will reduce the time and money spent on watering from a hose or installing an expensive irrigation system.

Mulch is an important part of a sustainable landscape. Not only will an organic mulch eliminate a good percentage of weed growth, but it will add a lot of the nutrients that the soil needs to allow the plants to thrive. With the right amount of mulch fertilizing may never be necessary.

A beautiful tree can contribute to your sustainable landscape in more ways than one. Of course you want to create a pleasant home atmosphere where you can relax and shake off the cares of the day, but why not build a habitat for the wildlife that shares your outdoor space as well? In addition to bearing healthy and delicious fruit, an apple tree produces fragrant flowers in the Spring of the year and the dark foliage that comes in the Summer provides a great source of shade for the animal life.

A professional is well aware that proper maintenance program is essential to the life of any landscape. Pruning trees and shrubs is necessary to maintain their natural shape, but let’s not overdo it. Unnecessary topping or shearing to try to create some kind of tree art will encourage overgrowth and require even more maintenance.

With the good of the environment in mind Co-Cal landscaping in Denver has added more hybrid vehicles to their equipment line. Call Co-Cal @ 303-578-4788 for advice on how to create your own sustainable landscape.

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