A Native Landscape Is Impressive

Picking a college is a major step for the student and his or her family. It can begin as soon as the sophomore year in high school. The first steps are to gather brochures, talk to alumni and collect all the pertinent information about the colleges being considered. Once the choices have been narrowed down according to location, cost and academic and social standards it’s time to visit the campuses to get an up close and personal perspective.

Most people imagine a college campus as a place for higher learning surrounded by a peaceful and inspirational environment. The first impression should not disappoint. That is why a lot of colleges and universities stress the importance of the quality of the landscape surrounding all those academic buildings, starting with the entryway.

The campus landscape should reflect some of the heritage of the geographic locale. The University of Mississippi fondly referred to as Ole’ Miss by many, is located in Oxford, MS and is the epitome of a classic southern university. In keeping with the nature of the setting, landscape architects have designed a year-round plan for seasonal beauty with an appreciation of the surroundings. They have made the hickory and live oak trees that thrive in the environment a focal point throughout the terrain and have added just the right the blooms and foliage to complement them. The care and concern devoted to the completion of the landscape have ranked the University of Mississippi campus among the nicest in the country.

A college campus should inspire its students to learn, it should provide a setting that invites leisurely and lively discussion in a comfortable background, not just a connection between buildings. The landscape should complement the architecture not overshadow it.

Colorado is a state filled with awe-inspiring beauty from the snow-capped Rocky Mountaintops to the mountainside vistas filled Quaking Aspen and Colorado Blue Spruce. Co-Cal Landscape is familiar with the trees and flowers that are indigenous to the local region. Call on Co-Cal @ 303-531-6930 for your commercial landscape needs.

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