Outdoor Amenities Are Important

If you are the property manager of an apartment complex one of your responsibilities may be to contribute suggestions for ways to entice potential renters away from the competition. The best way to come up with phenomenal ideas is to try to put yourself in the place of the person who is looking for the housing.

Studies have shown that most people who are interested in apartment living are single rather than married and can fit into one of two age groups. The younger set ranges in age from 25 to 34 and the other category is made up of people over the age of 65. Despite the disparity in age those who were surveyed shared similar likes and dislikes when it came to apartment needs and conveniences.

At the top of a list of must haves for apartment dwellers is adequate parking space along with storage and garage availability. The quality of the maintenance of the driveways and walkways is also a consideration. What’s the point of having a garage if the ice and snow has been left to accumulate and block your way out? Older and younger folks alike need the assurance that management is concerned with the safety issues that weather conditions may present.

Outdoor living spaces continue to increase in popularity. Apartment complexes should offer shaded areas that can accommodate outdoor entertaining with grills for cooking and attractive dining facilities.

The community pool is one of the amenities that attracts a lot of attention on a tour of an apartment property. Proper maintenance is of course a must, but an attractive landscape design featuring flowering plants and ornamental containers will also be appreciated.

A property manager’s hope is to be able to find a landscape company that can provide a decorative vista that will complement the architecture of the buildings on the site and incorporate a feasible maintenance plan for all seasons. Co-Cal Landscape has established a celebrated reputation for their service to commercial properties throughout the Denver area. Call Co-Cal @ 303-578-4788 to speak to a representative today.

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