Outdoor Fireplaces in Denver

An outdoor fireplace can mean anything from the traditional, with chimney and all, to a more modern fire pit. There are wood burning fireplaces for a more natural ambiance, as well as gas, a better choice for the good of the environment, and easier to maintain.

An outdoor fireplace can be built to stand alone, or become part of an existing wall. Shelves and grills can be incorporated for outdoor cooking and entertaining.

Make sure your fireplace is properly positioned. CoCal Landscape specializes in the installation of outdoor fireplaces in Denver. Go to the website, www.cocal.com, and see some of their work. CoCal has locations in Denver and Longmont,, CO. Contact their sales and marketing division: 303-531-6901 to find out more about getting an outdoor fireplace to add to the landscape of your Denver home.

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