Outdoor Living Is a Focus For Residential Landscaping in Denver

Preserve the quality of your home’s outdoor environment with beautiful living things. You can alter the look as the seasons change. CoCal Landscape can help you plan a landscape design that will make for a space that you and your family can appreciate for a very long time to come.

A CoCal designer will suggest plants appropriate to a residential landscape in Denver, and that will fit your space, and not overgrow it.

Planner tips say to stay away from succulents, or any thorny plants – you want your outdoor entertainment area to be people-friendly – same goes for toxic plants such as the morning glory or the oleander. Don’t overdo scented plants, but do use some for a delicate ambiance. Some designers like to use large pots/planters to show off small ornamental trees.

The designers at CoCal Landscape in Denver, will work with you to make your outdoor living extension a place that you will want to share. Call them at 303-578-4788 to get expert advice for your residential landscape in Denver.

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