An Outdoor Space Made To Impress

A successful salesman always tries to put himself in the place of his prospective buyer. A commercial real estate broker for instance, has to know what his client is looking for and be able to regard a property with that same perspective. Is the site appropriate to the business, is it convenient to the clientele and just as importantly, does it have the curb appeal to attract business owners who are looking for a certain ambiance?

The first thing a business owner may notice about a property is its exterior environment specifically, its landscape. If he has a choice between a clean, attractive panorama and a property that is unkempt and has obviously been ignored for some time, with all other aspects being equal the prospect will choose the former.

What can an owner or property manager do to impress a businessman or woman on first sight? A sea of green healthy grass can say a lot about the sense of responsibility of the person who maintains it. The property owner who cares about making the outdoor space as attractive as possible will lead a prospective lessee to believe that the care and maintenance of the entire complex is being well managed.

Little differences can make a big impression. A drainage pipe for example, serves an important practical purpose but it is not usually thought of as having much aesthetic appeal. A landscape designer with an imaginative eye will see things differently. He can turn an ordinary downspout into an attractive rock bed simply by filling it with decorative, colorful stones.

Every landscape needs a focal point, something that will pique the attention of the observer. A water feature can fill that bill nicely. Landscape waterfalls come in all sizes and shapes and can be designed to incorporate any unique characteristics that you may have in mind.
You don’t necessarily need a lot of space to accommodate a water feature. Smaller versions can be just as appealing.

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