Pavers Can Provide A Decorative Addition To A Landscape

New flowers and shrubs can definitely spruce up an outdoor area, but you might want to consider going a step further. A professional landscape architect can turn an empty space into a living environment that your family can truly enjoy. Whether you’re dealing with a small backyard or a more extensive tract of land, an experienced designer can work with your ideas and your budget to create a special outdoor setting.

Every designer landscape will include hardscape elements as well as vegetation. Pavers are commonly used to complement greenery and add texture to the plan. Durable granite and sandstone are popular choices as natural stone pavers. On the other hand concrete is less expensive and can be made to simulate the look of stone. Concrete pavers can be shaped and patterned to your preference and are available in various colors. Pavers are used to add to the character of a residential landscape as well as in larger scale commercial projects.

A professional designer from Co-Cal Landscape will put his experience to good use to help the homeowner select the perfect pattern and color option that will add to the ambience of his outdoor living area. A pro will know for instance, that a decorative paver made in a circular pattern will do well to complement a water feature that you may want to include in your landscape.

There are a lot practical considerations involved in the success of a landscape design. A professional landscaper will scrutinize the existing conditions of a property and use the data he collects to make a plan that will be able to adapt most naturally to the actual environment. He can also determine if the soil content is such that it will require an additional layer to make a more even surface for the placement of the pavers.

When you’re ready to do something with that empty outdoor space in your landscape come to Co-Cal for quality design creativity and experienced installation services. Call 303-578-4788 to talk to a landscape consultant today.

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