Pay Attention To Details

With the arrival of summer comes the maintenance chores that go along with it.  Your commercial property will require frequent mowing, edging and trimming and you’ll want to make sure that the sprinkler system is in good working order.  A color program should be in full bloom by now and those flowers will need tending.  The last thing you want your  business clients or potential lessees to see is a rundown, unappealing outdoor space.  After all, the landscape is a big part of the first impression people will have of your property.  All of these issues can easily be handled if you have contracted with the right landscape company.  There are some questions to be asked and answered before you sign on the dotted line.  

A maintenance plan is key.  No matter how beautiful the flowering shrubs are now and how lush and green the lawns look, without the proper care the landscape can begin to languish.  Your landscaper should present a complete list of the specific services he is able to provide, not just a general statement that maintenance will be included in the contract.  He should also provide a schedule noting the dates and times that the services will be completed and stating that you will be notified if there are any changes to be made.

A landscape company that is well established in your community will be able to provide you with customer reviews and invite you to visit the local sites that they have worked on.  Most will have a portfolio on hand depicting the landscape plans that they have designed.

Safety is an important factor in any service contract.  Of course you will want to see proof of liability insurance but you should also ask about precautions that will be taken while the company’s work crews are on your commercial site.  Check the OSHA ( Occupational Safety and Health Administration) website to see if the company has been inspected and approved.

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