Plan For Winter Conditions

Invest the time to plan your commercial landscape with a professional who is familiar with the terrain and climate of your area. He will know which trees and shrubs are most likely to thrive in the weather and soil properties on your site, which will save you the money and aggravation of having to replace parts of your landscape plan that were never meant to survive the elements. Plants and flowers that are native to the environment are much more likely to flourish.

Proper irrigation is vital to the root systems of the trees and grasses on your property. If you expect to see healthy foliage and greenery in the spring, your landscape has to be well tended to during the winter months. The temperatures and levels of precipitation can vary greatly here in Colorado so your landscape maintenance plan may have to be modified at any time to adapt to the change. A professional landscape company well established in the community will be prepared.

The climate here is naturally dry, we get most of our moisture from the snowfalls which so far this year have been sparse. It is especially important in this kind of conditions that our landscape features get the water that they need to survive.

Even though they are slow in coming cold weather days will be here eventually and WE WILL HAVE SNOW. The weight from a heavy snowfall can cause tree limbs to snap and fall to the ground creating a hazardous condition on your property. Your maintenance contract should include a schedule for removing fallen debris along with snow accumulations.

Pre-planning should include taking a landscape company representative on a personal tour of the property so that he can take note for instance, of the areas you have designated for the excess snow to be pied. A map of the property and pictures taken on a bright sunny day will help to guide the snow clearing crews when they are working.

Trust Co-Cal Landscape to get to know your property and prepare a plan for winterizing that will meet your particular needs. Call Co-Cal today @ 303-578-4788 in Denver.

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