Plan Your Landscape

When you first meet with your landscape architect to make a plan to enhance the surroundings of your commercial property he will share a few insider tips that can make your landscape stand out from the ordinary.

Keep it simple. In most cases, it pays to stick with the plants and shrubs that are indigenous to the area. They should be low maintenance as far as watering and trimming are concerned in order to preserve the neatness factor of the property and cut back on manpower and service fees.

Two birds, one stone. You’re going to need to install a system to provide the moisture to keep your grasses and greenery looking good. You’ll also want to create a focal point so why not combine the two. A beautiful fountain can easily be installed as part of the watering system.

Unless you live in a nonseasonal part of the country and flowers are abundant year round you will need to add some color to your landscape that will flourish throughout the fall and winter months. Maple trees and Aspens are known for their beautiful fall foliage and Holly and Blue Spruce provide year-round color.

Whether you have a landscape design in mind or you would prefer to leave the details up to the professionals it’s important that there is a defined plan in place before any ground is broken. Your landscape architect will visit your property to get a feel for space and discuss any ideas that you may want to incorporate into the final plan. Then he will start to work on the blueprint for your landscape design which he will submit for your approval. If you give a thumbs up to the plan work crews can begin the installation.

Don’t forget about maintenance. Your landscape company will offer a program for year-round care of your design in accordance with your specific needs and budget concerns.

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