Preserve The Character Of The Mature Tree

Fully grown trees add a lot to the aesthetic value of a commercial property. They also provide shade, protect from damaging winds and add a touch of class to what otherwise might appear as just a lot of steel, glass and cement. If you are the manager of such a property it is important that you realize that even mature trees need proper maintenance and that it is best done by a professional landscape service.

A mature tree is most susceptible to damage from insects and fungal disease and should be inspected regularly. An experienced professional will know to look for any change in the upper branches of the trees, and note the presence of new buds and leaves. The sooner a problem is detected, the better the chance that it can be treated and repaired.

Pruning is a big part of the care and maintenance of shade trees. Dead branches and fallen debris can present a safety hazard for employees and visitors to the property. If the tree becomes too overgrown the leaves and branches can obstruct the view and become a traffic hazard for drivers and pedestrians alike. A professional service will have the right equipment to prune the tree correctly and haul away or mulch the dead or diseased limbs once they have been removed.

Unfortunately you may have to lose a mature tree to weather damage or disease. Removing a dead tree from a property is a major feat that should only be attempted by a licensed and insured professional work crew with the necessary equipment for the job. Once the tree is downed your next concern will be having the stump removed. A large tree stump can be an unsightly attention getter for prospects and clients seeing the site for the first time, definitely not a positive factor for curb appeal.

Talk to a representative of CoCal Landscape in Denver about creating a plan for the year round maintenance of your commercial property’s landscape. A pleasant outdoor environment will attract the kind of clientele that will promote the growth of your business. Call CoCal today @ 303-531-6930.

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