Professional Aeration Can Help To Restore Your Lawn

If a healthy lawn has served you well through many seasons, you may notice that it’s not coming around as well this spring. That could be because over the years, the ground has compacted, making it difficult for the elements to penetrate, and nourish it. Normal wear and tear from traffic, and yard work, can be factors, and poor drainage can add to the problem. Not only will your grass be affected, but the plants, and flowers in your landscape will also suffer.

If these conditions seem familiar, it may be time to start a program of annual aeration. Contact a local landscape service, and arrange for an evaluation of your lawn. An experienced consultant will look at what is called the “thatch Layer” that lies right under your living grass, and is made up of dead roots, and other debris. If what you suspect is confirmed, and a core sample of your thatch layer shows a significant thickness, a work crew can be sent out to begin your aeration, asap.

The process of aerating consists of boring holes in the lawn, and pulling out cores of soil, allowing the way for air, water, and nutrients to get in. The cores will eventually disintegrate, and mix with organic compounds in living roots to replenish the soil .Aeration is sometimes done twice a year, but most experts recommend one treatment, to be completed in mid, to late fall.

If you have had your soil tested, and the results showed an unbalanced ph level, you have probably been advised to treat the soil with an application of lime. Doing this right after your lawn has been aerated will bring the best results, because the lime will be able to reach deeper into the soil, through the aeration holes.

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