Professionals At CoCal Landscaping In Denver Can Best Handle Transplanting

If you’ve pretty much ignored your landscape over some time, and now you’re ready to revitalize it, you may encounter the need to transplant some of your existing trees and shrubs. They’ve probably grown to maturity, and you don’t want to give them up.

Transplants aren’t simple. Let CoCal landscaping in Denver professionals protect your trees, and plants during the process. Winter and early Spring are the ideal seasons for transplanting. CoCal will study your landscape to determine the best locations for the placement of each transplant.

CoCal Landscape has the equipment needed to get the work done on a time schedule that will be best for the root systems of your trees and shrubs – they shouldn’t be exposed for too long a time.

Once the transplanting is done, watering becomes a major factor. After mulching, CoCal will see to it that the watering is sufficient, and their maintenance and irrigation systems can keep it regulated, while the roots become established. Call for the best landscaping in Denver, call CoCal: 303-578-4788.

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