Proper Irrigation Is Essential

Landscape maintenance is important to a successful business. No one is impressed with a commercial property that has obviously been neglected. It represents a lack of responsibility on the part of the property manager which reflects back on the owner or board of directors who dictate company policy. The best way to create a business environment that combines an air of efficiency and is pleasing to the eye is to take advantage of the talent and experience of a well established landscape company in your vicinity.

One of the first things a representative from a landscape company will tell you is that an appropriate irrigation system is essential to the maintenance of your property. Trees, grasses, flowers and shrubs have to have just the right amount of water in order to thrive and provide the beautification that your commercial complex should display. In order to get a better understanding of the overall needs and specific concerns of your property the representative will do a personal on site evaluation. This will help him to determine just what type of system will be most appropriate to the terrain, the condition of the soil and the year round climate.

He will consider the types of plants growing on the property and where they fit into the landscape. Ideally your landscape is hydro zoned so that those elements that need more water are grouped together and that the others more resistant to drought are planted accordingly. If not, it may be worth the time and effort to consider transplanting.

Once you and your landscaper have decided on an irrigation system specific to your requirements installation can begin and a maintenance plan can be organized. Sprinkler heads will be placed strategically throughout the property and the rate of water flow to lawns, beds and focal points will be determined. Work crews will be assigned to measure the flows and reset the timers according to weather conditions and seasonal changes.

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