The Right Finishing Touch

The hardscape elements of your property’s landscape design include things like walkways, driveways and retaining walls along with any rock, pavers or mulch that is used in the plan. The softscape components are the living trees, shrubs, and flowers that are planted in the ground or displayed in planters or borders throughout the area. The goal of the commercial landscape architect is to incorporate both features to create a beautifully appointed panorama for the client’s business site.

A commercial property is exposed to a lot of foot traffic. Delivery people, employees, and visitors don’t always stay on the beaten path or in this case, the paved ways. A landscape design can be crafted to steer the comings and goings away from the more delicate pieces of the landscape. Rose bushes, large container plantings, and hedgerows work well.

Sloped spaces on a commercial property can present a challenge in the landscape plan. By combining landscape timbers and creeping phlox or greenery a terracing effect can eliminate the problem and make a very attractive focal point to boot.

Mulch is often used in commercial landscaping. The right kind of mulch can add texture and complement the flowers and foliage in the design plan. Landscapers take into consideration how long the mulch will last if it is apt to fade in the conditions and which types are the most feasible for the location.

Hardwood mulch is available in a variety of colors and textures. It is highly durable and contributes to the health of the soil as it slowly decomposes. Pine straw, on the other hand, is neutral in shade which makes it a good choice for showcasing almost any type of bloom or greenery. Pine straw should be reapplied in the spring and again in the fall to control weed growth.

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