Rock Or Stone Can Be A Focal Feature Of Your Landscape

When you first begin to toss around ideas in your mind about what kind of landscaping you would like to incorporate into the look of your home, try thinking a little bit outside of the box and consider combining rock and stone with the more traditional plants and shrubbery. Talk to your landscaper about the possibilities, and how rock can give a completely different feel to the scheme of a landscape plan.

There are different ways to go about including rock in your landscape. Some people like to use pieces that they have collected from trips to exotic places or favorite family vacation spots. Others may prefer to choose from decorative rock that is available to buy at a local nursery or landscape center. A stone ground cover can make an attractive addition to any landscape.

The first step in building an attractive landscape is to do your homework. Go online or get ideas from researching residential landscapes that you have seen and admired from afar. If you spot a particular type of rock or stone that you like but may not be indigenous to your geographical area, your landscaper can suggest something that will work just as well and is naturally found in your locale.

Make it interesting. Rock can add color and shape to your landscape design. You can ask your landscaper to draw up a plan that may feature a built in stone wall that can be the backdrop for a fountain or maybe a cascade of flowering vines.

Budget is important. If you’ve done the groundwork, you’ll pretty much know what you want done, and your landscaper can give you an estimate for what it may cost to make your dreams a reality. If you need to trim expenses, he can make recommendations that will bring down the cost and still give you what you have envisioned for your

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