Seasonal Lawn Maintenance

It’s been a warm dry summer and it’s not over yet. In fact, the approaching “dog days of summer” are customarily the hottest time of the year. This is when we have to be sure that a seasonal landscape maintenance plan is in place and ready to roll.

You want the expansive lawns of your commercial site to stay as lush and green as possible during the summer months and into early fall. The work crews that your landscape company employs will select the mower settings that are most appropriate to the current climate, reducing the risk of brown patches and eliminating unsightly grass clippings on walks and in flowering borders.

Despite their best professional efforts landscapers still have to rely on Mother Nature to supply the moisture that is so essential to the maintenance of any outdoor environment. A water management system will serve to compensate for any shortcoming of natural rainfall.

Nothing spells neglect like a weed infested property, a definite no-no if you want to make a good first impression on potential business clients. A healthy lawn will be better able to discourage an invasion of the weeds that are more aggressive in late summer. If your maintenance plan included springtime weed prevention treatments your lawns will be strong enough to suppress the growth of intruders.

Aeration is used to remove dead grass and loosen the compacted soil so that the roots can reach deeper beneath the ground’s surface. Overseeding can be done along with aeration to prevent brown spots from forming in areas of the lawn that receive the heaviest foot traffic or the most direct sunlight. These services are seasonal in accordance with the particular type of grass being treated.

Co-Cal Landscape offers full-service design and maintenance to commercial businessmen and women in and around the Denver Metro area. The website details an interest in the beautification of Denver’s commercial sites and a concern to conserve the natural environment. Call Co-Cal customer service @ 303-531-6901.

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