Shrubs Can Form The Framework For A Garden Landscape

Shrubs can be the centerpieces of your garden They grow taller than flowers, and are shorter than most trees, so they can be used to enhance the dimensional aspect of your garden. Flowering shrubs will most likely be the first to bloom in the springtime and provide fall foliage well into the season. If you enjoy bird watching or just the company of our feathered friends, fruit bearing shrubs will attract them to your landscape. Or, if you’re looking for a shrub that will add a pleasant fragrance to your garden, English Lavender is an excellent option.

There are many classes of shrubs to choose from. Most are deciduous, but evergreen shrubs keep their foliage year round and are often used for hedge rows or living fences. Climate should definitely be a deciding factor when it comes to the selection of shrubs.

Are your shrubs going to be functional? If you want them to serve as a windbreak for instance, Mountain Mahogany or Lilac are both good choices. Plant both deciduous and coniferous shrubs in your row, and choose varieties that have a good track record of survival in your specific geographical region.

Before deciding where to plant your shrubs, consider how big they will be at full growth. You’ll want to provide enough space for them to flourish naturally. A professional landscaper can advise you which plants will need protection from exposure to the hot sun, or extreme cold.

Proper maintenance may include pruning back your shrubs to help keep their natural form. But don’t overdo it and don’t try to force it into an unnatural shape. Having an overgrowth of foliage at the top and sides of the shrub will keep light from getting to the inner branches. Some shrubs will need little or no pruning at all.

If you don’t have a lot of garden space you can still enjoy container shrubs. When you bring one home from your local garden center transfer it to a bigger planter and add more potting soil. Redwood or plastic containers will stand up well under cold weather conditions.

Let the folks at CoCal Landscape help you create an attractive garden using some of the many varieties of shrubbery at hand. Call CoCal @ 303-578-4788.

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