Soil Can Be Amended To Make It Suit Your Needs

When landscaping professionals talk about “amending” the soil they are referring to implementing one or more of the various programs that are recommended to bring your soil up to peak performance condition. Your landscaper will propose a particular plan depending on the overall quality of your soil and what is needed to boost its vitality.

The pH factor of soil is its measure of acidity. The lower the level, the higher the acid content. Most landscape plants do well in soil that contains a pH factor of between 5.8 and 6.5. Adding lime to the soil will decrease its acidity level whereas sulfur can raise the pH factor.

Soil that is too compact makes it hard for water to move through it. The water collected on the surface of the soil will naturally follow any down slope. When the water flows away it will carry the nutrients and pesticides that are essential to the health of your plants, away with it. Your landscaper may suggest applying peat moss to loosen soil that contains a lot of clay.

Nutrients are the sources of nourishment that let you plants thrive as they grow. Plants get hydrogen, carbon and oxygen from the air around them, but other nutrients come from the soil that they are living in. Nitrogen is one of the most essential nutrients, but it is important that plants get the right amount of nitrogen. If you start to notice the green leaves of a plant turning yellow it could be a sign that it is lacking nitrogen. Weak stems that bend or break off easily can mean that the plant is getting too much nitrogen.

Most commercial fertilizers contain the primary nutrients nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. The n-p-k ratio is listed on the package. The first number represents the nitrogen content, the second number shows the percentage of phosphorous, and the third number tells you the amount of potassium that is in the fertilizer. If you see the numbers 18-24-6 on the label for example, you will know that the fertilizer is high in phosphorous and may be recommended for new plants that are just starting out.

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