Spring Is The Perfect Time To Start Your Container Plants

Even though everyone is pretty much read for spring by now, winter may not be quite through with us. If you’ve lived in Colorado long enough, you know that April can be iffy, as far as the weather is concerned. But being aware of the threat doesn’t keep us from feeling the itch to get out and plant some flowers. Professional landscapers will advise that you hold off on planting in ground, and suggest that you start out with pots, instead.

Choose container plants that will be able to withstand a late frost, and ones that will provide the colorful blooms that we look forward to with the coming of spring. When selecting your flowers, remember that you’ll be able to transplant them to your garden by the end of May, so since you’ll be buying for both plantings, you won’t have to worry about your budget.

There are some basic tips that can help you create beautiful containers that you can enjoy until the ground is ready to accept the plants. Choose a good sized container that has holes in the bottom, for water drainage, and use a premium potting soil for best results.

You’ll want to select a good variety of plants as far as height, and color go, and if you use tulip, or daffodil bulbs, make sure to plant them in the middle of the pot, and deep in the soil. Gradually work your way to the outer rim of the pot, using the shorter plants as you go, until you’ve created the look of a natural flow, and all the soil is covered.

Once your container is planted, position it in a prominent place on your porch, or patio, where you can look out your window, and enjoy it from indoors, as well as when you’re outside. As far as maintenance goes, don’t over water, just keep the soil damp. If Mother Nature does hit us with a surprise storm, be sure to cover your containers to keep the snow off the plants.

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