Spring Temperature Changes May Do More Harm Than The Winter Cold

It seems odd that plants that have survived the winter weather can be hurt by a sudden drop in the temperature in springtime. This is explained by something called “fluctuating hardiness.” Any change in expected temperatures can be harmful to garden, and landscape plants. Plants are acclimated for the winter months and the cold temperatures that come with them, but spring is supposed to bring warmer days, and nights. If Mother Nature doesn’t follow suit, the plants may suffer. The effects will be different depending on the variety of the plant, how old it is, and the kind of soil it lives in.

If you just can’t wait to get started on your spring/summer gardening, you might do well to start out with container plants. But, a cold snap is a definite possibility during a Colorado spring, so be sure to select hardy varieties. Pansies and snapdragons are both good choices, and experienced gardeners may suggest that you plant them in pots, with the plastic coverings that they come in still intact. This will give the roots some added protection, just in case. If the worst happens, you can always move your pots, and hanging baskets to the garage, or basement, and cover the ones that you can’t move.

Colorado takes pride in the beauty of its natural landscape, which includes a variety of wildflowers. Those spring wildflowers do best when they have been covered by snow throughout the winter. If the snow melts off too early in the season, when the flowers still need the insulation from the cold temperatures, the blooms may be affected.

As always, watering is a factor when it comes to growing healthy plants, and flowers. Be sure to water adequately in the fall, so that your plants will be more able to tolerate the winter months, and bloom to their full potential in the spring. October mornings are the perfect times for winter watering.

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