Stone And Rock Can Be Outstanding Assets To A Landscape

Landscape designers like to make good use of the natural beauty that rock can provide. A rock garden is often the focal point of a backyard landscape or even part of a more elaborate design. There are so many variations possible that rock formations can be arranged to fit into virtually any landscape plan.

Terracing is a popular choice when faced with landscaping a sloping terrain which can be challenging. Flat rock slabs can be made into stairsteps leading from one tier to another. They can be uniform in size or varied for a more informal look.

Stone or gravel pathways are a wonderful way to connect the spaces of an expansive landscape. Let your guests appreciate the beauty of your plant and flower groupings while walking along a lighted garden path.

If you want to create a theme for your landscape using the right kind of rock will contribute to the concept. Adding a touch of white marble is an easy way to brighten an otherwise heavily shaded area and it is just the thing to set off a grove of greenery. Black lava rock is often used to accentuate a tropical atmosphere.

When a client is looking for a specific feature to serve as an accent piece for his landscape, designers often recommend a water feature. Rock is typically associated with a natural babbling brook or a cascading waterfall, so it is of course an excellent way to accent a home landscape motif that features moving water.

A lily pond or a small lagoon can also make a fine water feature. A large enough boulder can actually be shaped and honed to serve as the basin of a fishpond, for instance. But if you want to go simpler just place several
boulders of varying sizes around your pond and surround them with colorful bloomers and luscious foliage.

Stone tiles place diagonally can give a small outdoor area the look of a more expansive space. Add greenery that complements the color of the tiles and you can turn your apartment patio into a charming spot for entertaining.

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