Systems for Irrigation in Denver Vary

Irrigation systems are used to conserve water, while maintaining growth and beautification of a landscape.

There are different kind of systems for irrigation in Denver. Ditch irrigation involves digging trenches, and making rows of plant seedlings. Watering furrows are then put into place between the rows. Tubes are used to siphon the water to the plants. Ditch irrigation used to be the most popular, but the more modern sprinkler systems are usually preferred now.

Sprinklers can be installed overhead on extended boards or platforms,or buried in the ground, like you see on golf courses or in park landscapes. They are quite effective as well as serving as an artistic effect.

CoCal Landscape is a certified landscape irrigation auditor, and employs professionals to advise about water management, and install the right irrigation system for your facility. Call 303-531-6901 for important facts on irrigation in Denver.

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