Take Care Of Your Landscape

“Pruning” is done to get rid of overgrowth in your shrubbery or dead limbs in your trees and to stimulate the development of foliage or flowers. It should definitely be a part of your landscape maintenance program.

Methods and schedules for pruning will depend on the needs of the particular pieces of your landscape and will vary greatly. Hedges for instance, are relatively easy to take care of as far as pruning is concerned. The rule of thumb is to prune right after planting and then as often as need be to keep the shape of the hedge as it grows. Once the hedge reaches the desired height it should be pruned back twice a year, in the spring and summer months preferably. A professional tip – prune the bottom of the hedge enough so that the sunlight can get in.

If your flowering shrubs have gone from natural looking to downright untamed it may be time to restore their original contour by effective springtime pruning. You may have to forego one season of blooms but the end result will be worth it.

Most pruning is best done while the tree or shrub is dormant, but shortly before the new growth starts to show. First of all it will be a lot easier to see the branches or stems when they are bare and secondly the cuts will only be exposed for a short period. Dead or hazardous branches should of course be removed as necessary.

When it comes to the pruning of the tall trees in your landscape the task is best left to a professional landscape maintenance crew. They will not only have the experience needed but they will have the proper equipment to reach those high branches and carry away the downed limbs. The safety factor is an important reason to opt for a professional.

Pruning can help to keep trees, hedges and shrubs free from disease, maintain their shape and provide shade and beauty for your landscape. Contact Co-Cal Landscape in Denver to set up a timetable for your particular maintenance needs. Call today @ 303-578-4788.

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