Take The Advice That Only A Professional Can Offer

If you have a nice outdoor space that you would like to see turned into a focal point for your landscape but you have no idea how to go about it, your next move should be to call in a professional landscape designer.

A landscape designer will be able to interpret your ideas and turn them into reality. If he feels that he can add to or improve on some of your perceptions your designer will step in and offer his own suggestions.

The first thing your landscaper will want to determine is how you see your space being used. He will ask if will you be entertaining there, as on a patio or in an outdoor fireplace setting or if it will be more of a place for family fun and for the kids and pets to play. He will also want to know how much time you have to spend on maintaining your landscape as it matures or if you’d rather have that managed by a professional maintenance crew. Most landscape companies provide those services either on a seasonal schedule or more often.

There are a lot of practical factors to consider when planning a landscape that the layman could understandably overlook. The soil for instance, should coordinate with the plants that you intend on using. In other words, choose the plants that have the best chance of doing well in the consistency of the existing soil without having to count on a lot of supplements.

Of course you would never choose plants that you know would have little or no chance of thriving in the cold temperatures of the winter months, but you should also consider their exposure to sun and shade. You may be able to have the plants that you want as long as the placement is appropriate. The designer can draw up a blueprint showing you what plants should go where for the best chance of success.

Whether you want to increase the extent of the landscape space that you now have or if you’re just starting to plan one, you can count on the expertise of CoCal Landscape in Denver. Call 303-578-4788 to talk to a representative today.

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