Trees Serve To Enhance A Commercial Environment

If you’re a property manager trying to rent space in your building there are some definite assets that you won’t want to take for granted and that you will want to emphasize to prospective clients.

A convenient location and an interior plan that is favorable for conducting   business will go a long way in influencing an experienced professional, but an attractive and environmentally friendly outdoor space will also make an impression.

If you are fortunate enough to have mature trees on your property you are at an advantage right away.  Studies have estimated that the value of a commercial property increases from 10 to 20 percent if it is enhanced by shade trees.  There is of course the aesthetic effect but the environmental benefits are important as well.  

Trees help to deflect violent winds away from windows and glass entryway doors that are commonly used in commercial design.  Office buildings are often located amid busy traffic locales that contribute to what has become known as noise pollution.  Large trees with dense foliage can substantially block out sound.  The shade that these large trees provide will definitely reduce energy costs which will be a big selling factor for a property manager.

Social benefits are another consideration when it comes to the landscape of a commercial site.  Surveys have shown for example, that hospital patients whose rooms allow for an outdoor view of green grass and graceful trees actually recover more quickly.  Corporate managers who are concerned with employee production have hired efficiency experts to determine just what inspires the incentive to achieve.  The upshot of their findings suggest that a serene work environment is a positive influence.  A comfortable place for employees to sit in the shade and enjoy their lunch hour or take an afternoon break can have a positive effect on their state of mind when they return to the office.

If you are a commercial property owner or manager in the Denver area let CoCal Landscape designers create a plan that will enhance the beautiful trees that adorn your site.  Call today @ 303-531-6930.

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