Trust The Professionals To Maintain Your Landscape Design

If a decorative landscape is important to you, you have no doubt spent a good amount of time and money to achieve it. Now you need to think about the best way to maintain it, and this is where a professional landscape service comes in. Get recommendations from family, or friends, and do your own research to find a company in your area. Meet with a representative who will survey your landscape design, and make recommendations as to how to keep it looking its best throughout the seasons.

Irrigation can be an issue in a semi-dry climate. A professionally installed watering system can take away the hassle of hooking up, and dragging around hoses, and having to spend so much time tending to your plants, and shrubs by hand. A sprinkler system can be put in for your convenience, and also serve as a way to conserve water, by using only as much as is necessary for each, individual section of your landscape plan. There are several variations to choose from, including one that is equipped with sensors, so that if rainfall has been adequate, the system will respond accordingly.

Any landscape will present its own particular issues when it comes to irrigation. A sloping landscape can lead to standing water, which could destroy the grass, and stimulate the growth of fungus. A watering system that incorporates a shut off valve, and the type of nozzle that controls the water flow, would help eliminate this problem.

Another type of nozzle that creates an arch spray, can be the answer to getting the water into hard to reach areas of the landscape. There are various types of attachments available for your sprinkler system, including one that is made to order for smaller landscapes. It will control the water distribution to specific areas, and avoid the waste of watering the sidewalks, along with the plants. Timers are another important part of a competent sprinkler system, since some landscape areas need more water than others.

Contact a CoCal Landscape representative in Denver@ 303-531-6901, or in Longmont @ 303-370-0289, to talk about a watering system for your landscape.

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