A Well-Kept Landscape Is A Major Selling Point

The director of an apartment dwellers community wears many hats. He is ultimately responsible for maintenance, security and the comfort and convenience of the tenants. But unless the property site is engaging enough to impress prospective renters all his other concerns may go by the wayside.

Landscaping maintenance is seasonal. There are winter snowstorms, summertime hailstorms and fall leaves to contend with, but the one time of year when the landscape can really shine is springtime.

Spring is a time of new beginnings. The flowering shrubs are beginning to bloom, the bulbs that were planted last fall are popping out and the lawn is starting to green up. The property manager who was wise enough to contract with a local, well-established landscape business can sit back and reap the rewards of his efforts.

An experienced landscape professional is knowledgeable in the ways to best present a residential complex. He can work with the property manager to create a landscape design that will make the acreage stand apart from all the others.

What are apartment hunters looking for, what physical amenities are important to them? Surveys have come up with some answers. People choose apartment living for a variety of reasons. Whether they’re just not ready to invest in that “forever home” or if they’ve decided it’s time to downsize, they still want to be able to entertain friends and family in their own environment. An outdoor pool area complete with state of the art cooking facilities and a comfortable dining area is a definite plus for them. Decorative planters full of colorful bloomers and the greenery to complement them is the frosting on the cake, so to speak. A landscape designer will know how to enhance the look of the outdoor living spaces on the property.

If you are the manager of an apartment complex or any commercial property in the Denver area coordinate with the landscape experts at CoCal Landscape to make your outdoor design something truly special. Call 303-578-4788 to speak with a representative today.

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