Winter and Your Lawn

Sometimes Mother Nature surprises us with an early peek at springtime. Several days of warm, sunny weather in the middle of February can be a welcome phenomenon but it can be a bit of a shock to your landscape, lawns in particular.

Homeowners and property managers who live in winter weather regions like Colorado shut down their sprinkler systems during the winter months. Water Hoses are drained and stored away, so lawns are left to rely on nature to provide moisture over the season. The melt off from snow and ice covers are important sources of that moisture but when they don’t produce lawns suffer.

Some grasses go dormant during the winter months while others don’t. A representative from your local landscape company can advise you on how to best care for your particular lawn. If watering is recommended do it on one of those mild winter days when there is no chance of an overnight freeze.

Colorado weather can take a u-turn before you know it. If inadequate drainage is an issue for your lawn be careful to avoid standing water. An unexpected freeze could cause damage to the grass. Best scenario – fill in low areas and aerate your lawn before winter weather sets in. If there are a few slushy spots in the lawn try to keep foot traffic to a minimum.

We want to keep our streets and driveways cleared of the snow and ice that can accumulate so rapidly when bad weather does hit but sometimes our lawns can pay the price. The sand and salt that we apply to the surfaces of our roadways can be transferred onto our lawns and can interfere with plant growth. Don’t overdo salting your driveway, use just enough solution to ensure your safety.

Preparation is a key ingredient for a healthy lawn. If you missed patches of sodden leaves with your fall raking have another go at them now when there is a break in the snowfall. Be careful not to pull up the grass as you rake.

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