Winter Is Approaching

If you own or manage a commercial property in the Denver area you are aware of the special landscape maintenance programs that our climate demands. Winter will soon be upon us and although we have been fortunate to have a few recent rainy days it is not nearly enough to prepare the ground for the winter months to come. The soil is naturally dry and we can’t count on getting enough early snow to keep it moist.

The root systems of large trees can be seriously damaged by long periods of dry weather conditions. The destruction may not be noticeable in the early spring but when the temperatures rise it will become evident. Landscapers water when the temperatures are still well above 40 degrees and always early enough in the day so that the water will be absorbed deep under the soil so that the risk of freezing is eliminated.

Now is the time to fertilize, before the extremes of winter set in. Plants need nourishment to survive the cold and grasses gain strength from the treatment. Your landscape contractor will know when and how much to apply for the best results.

It is important to mow the grass to just the right height if it’s left too short the winter winds could harm the roots and if it’s too long it is at risk for disease. Professionals keep an eye out for the signs that the grass is going dormant to know when to stop mowing.

Winter is no time to abandon maintenance chores. Grass is more susceptible to mold if left covered by leaves and debris, it needs to be able to absorb the sunlight. Your landscape maintenance crews will continue to rake during the winter months and make sure that the grass is exposed to the fresh air.

Aerating the lawns is done to enable the fertilizer and water to reach deep into the soil. Co-Cal Landscape has the proper equipment and the skilled manpower to get this and every maintenance job done efficiently to produce a healthy and vibrant outdoor environment. Call Co-Cal today @ 303-647-5509 in Denver.

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