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As a commercial property manager, you may be asked to coordinate an update to the landscape design of the business site. The specifics may have been predetermined or choices for the design may be left up to you. If the latter is the case you may have some ideas mulling around in your head or you could be totally clueless. In either case, you will need the help of a local landscape design company.

There are several areas of consideration when it comes to landscape design. A professional designer will realize how important it is to create a plan that will complement the structural composition of the buildings on the site.

Special attention should be directed to the entryway of the building. Clients and visitors need to know where to go but they also want to feel welcomed. Sidewalks leading to the building’s main entrance should be bordered by brightly colored flowers that will draw attention to the entryway.

The presence of a focal point is a rule of thumb for a commercial landscape design. Some designers choose to use living specimens while others prefer a hardscape feature. In order to preserve a sense of harmony in the design live plants or shrubs must be trimmed to match. Maintenance may be less of an issue if a hardscape piece serves as the focal point in a landscape design. Again, the size of the piece should coordinate with the architecture. Fountains and sculptures are popular choices.

Neatness counts. Clients and associates relate the appearance of a business building to the way the business is run. Tree limbs should be trimmed regularly and any fallen debris removed asap. Lawns must be kept mown and free of weeds or brown patches, re-seeding should be done as needed.

If you are a property manager in the Denver area bring your specs and any ideas that you may want to implement to Co-Cal Landscape in Denver. The designers there will add their input and together you can create a plan that will make your commercial site one to be proud of. Call Co-Cal today @ 303-531-6930.

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