Xeriscaping Is Beneficial In More Ways Than One

Water is one of our most precious natural resources so we must constantly be looking for ways to conserve it. The landscaping industry has contributed by introducing xeriscaping as an alternative to the more traditional ways of beautifying our outdoor home environments. The success of xeriscaping has resulted in a high percentage of savings both in preservation and home energy costs.

The goal of xeriscaping can be accomplished with various outcomes. It doesn’t have to be limited to desert like plants and rock formations. A creative landscape designer can create something as lush looking as an English Garden and still adhere to the principles of xeriscaping.

Xeriscapes are divided into zones according to how much water will be needed for specific plants. The “oasis” zone will be the one closest to the main watering source and will incorporate those plants that need more water to thrive. They can also benefit from the excess water that may run off from the rooftop.

On the opposite end of the spectrum lies the arid zone. This is where the landscaper will place the plants that will do well with only the moisture from rainfall. This is a good place for native species that prosper in the natural environment.

An xeriscape will limit the use of expansive lawns that need a lot of water to survive. This will mean less maintenance for the homeowner and no need for expensive mowing equipment. Irrigation systems are installed with timing devices so that watering by hand will be a thing of the past. These are positive selling points if the homeowner ever decides to put his home on the market.

Organic mulches are popular choices for xeriscaping. They tend to keep the soil moist and the nutrients that they contain are good for the plants. Weed control is another benefit of using an organic mulch. Mulch can come in the form of wood chips, straw or compost materials. Since it will eventually be absorbed into the soil, the mulch will need to be replaced as needed.

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