Year Round Maintenance

So far the weather has been unseasonably mild but we live in Colorado, there will be snow and it could be just around the corner. Are you prepared to handle the elements? Better yet, do you have a professional landscape company lined up to do it for you?

Granted, a snow cover will hide any imperfections of your lawn but beneath the surface, snow mold may be taking hold. Snow mold is a fungal infection that can affect the blades of your grass as well as the roots, depending on the classification of the mold. A professional landscape care service will be able to put together and apply an appropriate fungicide that can treat the mold, you won’t have to just sit back and wait for the temperature to warm and the mold to go dormant.

There are steps that your lawn care expert can take for the prevention of winter snow mold starting with the type of fertilizer that is used on the lawn in the springtime and continuing into the fall season with regular mowing, raking and bagging. When the snow does begin to fall, and it will, your landscape maintenance crew will keep it dispersed so that it evenly covers the grass, decreasing the threat of snow mold.

Maintenance for the hardscape of a commercial property is as important if not more so, as that of the landscape. If you have the right plan in place, however, both areas of concern will be taken into consideration. The success of your business can’t be determined by the weather. Deliveries have to be made and employees and clients alike have to be able to get in and out of the property safely no matter the season.

Winter is coming. Meet with a representative from Co-Cal Landscape in Denver to set up a program that will maintain your lawn and hardscape throughout the winter months. A landscape management planner will be happy to personally survey your property with you and draw up a program that will suit its needs. Call Co-Cal today @ 303-531-6930.

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