Your CoCal Landscaper In Denver Can Create A Perennial Delight

The Colorado sunshine is one of the many pluses of living in this area. CoCal Landscape can use it to feature a full sun perennial design of colorful summer flowers, for the sunniest part of your outdoor space.

Day lilies for instance, produce large, vibrant blooms, and come in varieties that can be mixed and matched. Salvia grows tall, and produces rich shades of pink or purple flowers, that will bloom in your garden throughout the summer months. They blend well with the lilies, and are also known to attract butterflies.

These choice are among the many that your landscaper in Denver at CoCal may recommend. None of the bloomers that they will suggest will require much water, as they are natural sun lovers. A perfect finishing touch to your perennial garden design might be a bird bath.

Your CoCal landscaper in Denver is an award winning , family operated enterprise, serving the Denver area since 1992. Call them, and meet with their team of professionals to plan a landscape that you will truly enjoy: 303-578-4788.

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