Your CoCal Landscaper In Denver Can Make Your Home Pool Area Even More Impressive

If you have a home swimming pool, no doubt it is the focal point of your outdoor space. Let CoCal landscape decorate that space with a beautiful landscape plan.

Start by getting an idea of the effect you would like to create. Look through design magazines, or maybe you’ll be inspired by a scene from a lavish movie set. Once you’ve seen what you like, bring your landscape ideas to a CoCal landscape in Denver designer.

There are some practical issues to consider. You’ll want flowers that are easy to grow, and will bloom in abundance. CoCal growers can recommend some that should do well in your area. You’ll want to avoid planting trees that will drop leaves into the pool, and fruit trees that will attract bees. Allow for some shady areas, but leave plenty of room for sunning. Mulch is good for contrast, but be careful not to spread it too close to the water – a windy day could make for a messy pool.

Impress your friends with your home pool, and your new landscape from your CoCal landscaper in Denver Call 303-578-4788.

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