Your CoCal Landscaper In Denver Can Promise You A beautiful Rock Garden

A rock garden can be a practical design for the conservation of our precious water, but with the help of a landscape designer from CoCal, it can also be a thing of beauty. Your CoCal landscaper in Denver can add aesthetic touches of flowering shrubs, greenery, and tall grasses like pampa and monkey grass.

CoCal will use flat, colorful flagstone for walks and flooring surfaces. Pea gravel can be used as a filler between the stones. They might suggest white marble for alongside the walkways. The white rock will complement bold colored edgings. River rock is perfect for drainage around ponds, or pools, and will keep it’s natural look.

CoCal is the landscaper in Denver who can bring all these elements together to give you a rock/flower garden that you will be proud to show off. CoCal can promise that. Call them @ 303-578-4788.

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