Your Dream Landscape Will Be A Work In Progress

If you’ve finally decided to do something about changing the landscape of your home, you should realize that it will be awhile before you see the end result of what you perceive. Since you’re not starting from scratch, the transition will take time. Your first step is to find the right landscape architect, the one who can share your vision and help you create it.

Your initial meeting with a professional landscaper will be to make an analysis of your site and to talk about the goals you have in mind for its improvement. Do you see yourself in this location long-term, or might you be looking to sell a few years down the road? If relocation is a possibility your main objective might be to improve the curb appeal of your home. A real estate broker will tell you that an attractive landscape design can definitely increase the value of a property.

On the other hand, if you plan to stay in the home for the foreseeable future your focus will most likely be on creating an environment that will reflect your personal tastes and provide the space to enjoy family activities and entertain friends or business associates. Your landscaper can draw up a plan that will include features to enhance your environment for every season of the year.

An experienced landscaper will be able to point out the practical aspects of change. Shading specific areas can actually save you money on energy costs, and knowing exactly where property lines lie can save you from any future disputes. A professional survey of the grounds surrounding your home may be useful.

You don’t have to get rid of everything. Tell your landscaper about any pieces of your landscape that you particularly enjoy. He will know how to work them into the new plan and even help complement the scheme of things. If you want to keep what has served as a special focal point of your landscape, that can also be arranged. It can be preserved as is, or moved to a different position in the layout.

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