Your Property Should Stand Out

Realtors define curb appeal as the “attractiveness of the exterior of a residential or commercial property, as viewed from the street.” The landscape of a property is largely responsible for drawing the eye of the beholder.

A commercial property is typically located in a business district where it is surrounded by similar constructions. The landscape design will need to be much more than a large expanse of green lawns in order to stand out from the others. Focal points should be appropriate to the architecture of the building or buildings on the site.

Signage is important, it directs clients to the entryway of your building but there is also the matter of aesthetics. The way into the inner sanctum of a business should reflect the character of the people who run it. A neat, clean walkway overlaid with decorative concrete and bordered by brilliantly colored flowers or greenery will represent an interest for the environment and an emphasis on organization, both qualities that prospective clients look for in a business concern.

Embrace the seasons, each one has something special to contribute to a landscape design. An experienced architect will know how to create a plan that will coincide with each particular time of year, spring and summer blooms, fall foliage and the many textures of winter.

Even the best landscape design can fail to appeal if it isn’t well kept. Maintenance is a key point when you are negotiating a landscaping contract. Make sure your expectations are understood from the beginning and choose a landscape company that has the means and ways to meet them. Pick a company that has done previous business in your city, that way it will be easy for you to observe how well they have managed to maintain other commercial properties. The company representative that you are dealing with should be more than willing to show you a portfolio of the landscape sites that he has overseen.

Co-Cal Landscape is noted for their creative color programs which serve to enhance the year round curb appeal of any commercial property. Call Co-Cal today @ 303-531-6901.

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